lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Fedora Activity Day At Santiago de Veraguas Panama

Intensive Intruducción and RPM packaging for Fedora standards, learn about the process of becoming a Fedora Packager and collaborator in a Linux distribution.

A 4-hour trip to UTP - Universidad Tecnologíca de Panamá, where we find us with a group of students motivated to learn to be packagers into Fedora.

In this event will showed all phases of a .spec and how to compile. took conducted a contest where the goal was to clean up a spec of all errors. Where the winner was a student Ovidio.

Thanks to Cidetys, Querube Urriola and the UTP Santiago, for organize this event, Alejandro Perez, Abdel Martinez, Isis Reyna, and Juan Barba.

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